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A travelogue-cum-analysis of Chennai's triumphs and tribulations, seen through the eyes of a prodigal son.

Chennai at the Crossroads (2007) Link to PDF with the full 35 page article
1. Introduction New Sparkling Wine in an Old Botttle
2. Upward Mobility A City and its Inhabitants go from Rags to Riches
3. Reaching for the Sky The Real Estate Boom
4. Chennai's Poor How do Chennai's poor manage?
5. Poverty versus Inequality While poverty is falling, inequality is rising
6. The Privatization of Medical Care Chennai's famous hospitals and the shift to private care
7. Traffic Rules! The unruly and congested state of Chennai's roads
8. Waste Waterways The urgent problem of Chennai's stagnant rivers and canals
9. Solid Waste How Chennai manages its mountain of solid waste
10. Government, Good and Bad Public sector and goverment sector improving but still behind
11. Conclusion: Closing the Gaps Tying it all together: The three key challenges Chennai must overcome
Prequel: The Madras that is Chennai (1999) Commentary on Chennai from a previous visit